Chris Murphy

Being raised in an Air Force family, I lived in many different parts of the country and had the opportunity to grow up around military aviation. After attending college at the University of Arizona, I entered the Air Force and attended Combat Systems Officer training in Pensacola, FL. Upon graduating flight training I was assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command to fly on the U-28A aircraft.

Over the following 6 years, I flew combat flight operations in 8 countries over 6 deployments. In 2017 I got married to my wife Sarah and I am eternally grateful to have her by my side through it all. In 2019 I separated from the Air Force and enrolled in MTSU’s professional pilot degree program to pursue a civilian aviation career.

Whether you are an experienced pilot or a brand new one, I hope to impart some of my knowledge and share my flying experiences with you here at Harmony Air. Happy landings!