Ian Crouch

One of my first memories as a little kid was staring up at the sky and watching a plane fly over. To this day, when an airplane flies over I can’t help but look up and smile like it’s the first time. To say I love aviation is an understatement.

Growing up I was exposed to the commercial, general and military sides of aviation. At 19 I took my first lesson and was hooked as soon as my wheels left the ground. I’ve been pursuing airplanes ever since! After becoming a flight instructor I realized I had another passion and that was to teach like minded people who also share my love for airplanes.

My goal is to help others succeed in becoming the best pilots they can be no matter how far they decide to chase their dream. Whether they want to be a weekend warrior or fly the big jets for a career, my mission is the same, to train up safe confident pilots who can share their love with others.