Immanuel Opoku Dauh

I was born in Accra, Ghana. When I was 3 years old my family spent 6 years in Durham, England. It was there that I picked up a fever-like passion for soccer and my favorite club Manchester United. I have played soccer ever since and at all levels short of professional. We moved to West Virginia, the wild and wonderful, in 2009 and have called the U.S. our beloved home. It was along these travels, when I was young, that I picked up an insatiable thirst for flying that I could never let go.

There is something magical and humbling about soaring through blue skies that unites us all. Flying has the incredible ability to make us feel special. Even today, my wheels leaving the runway brings euphoria as intense as my first takeoff in an airplane at 3 years old. I remember feeling the thrust through my back, my gaze forever glued outside the window, and refusing every advance from my mother to eat while we traversed continents; even then, I knew the freedom of flight was something very few humans get to achieve. Fewer still are those who earn the right to hold the controls and chart their own way through the heavens. I told my mother, Lord willing, one day I would be one of those few. Today, I am blessed with the privilege and experience to take my dream one step further by helping others achieve their flying ambitions!

Here, you’ll learn to fly with confidence and safety. Whether you’re a seasoned flyer or discovering your wings for the first time, come see why aviation means so much to me and everyone here at Harmony Air! I can’t wait to see you up there!