Preston Macy

I have had a long interest in aviation since college, where I graduated from University of Michigan with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 2006. Afterwards I was commissioned into the US Navy and earned my Wings of Gold in June 2009, and was selected to train in F/A-18 Super Hornets in Oceana, VA. Following the initial training I flew the Super Hornet off the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, deploying four times in the Navy’s 7th Fleet located the Asia Pacific region, and safely achieved over 300 carrier arrested landings.

Following my time overseas, I became T-45C instructor where I trained the next generation of fighter pilots in basic aircraft handling, formation flying, carrier landings, and dog fighting for over four years in Kingsville, TX.

I was honorary discharged from the Navy when my commitment ended in July 2017, and joined the Navy Reserves where I continue to train Navy flight students in the T-45C in Pensacola, FL. In addition to military flight training, I also became a civilian CFII and have trained brand new students the joys, challenges, and fulfillments of flying. If you have an interest in flying, come check us out and see for yourself that the sky’s the limit!