Steve Johnson

One of Steve’s earliest recollections is when he tied a set of old model airplane wings to his tricycle and rode off a small hill. The flight wasn’t long, but fortunately the sand below was soft.

He then started flying model airplanes, and gradually moved up through free flight and control line airplanes to large radio controlled models. He flew his first hang glider in high school, and was a professional skydiver during and after college. He has jumped over 450 times from airplanes, helicopters and balloons. Steve earned his private pilot’s license in 1985 and has since logged over 2400 hours in a variety of aircraft. He is also an ultralight pilot and instructor, and has over 180 hours of logged ultralight piloting experience. Steve put his model building experience to good use when he and his wife Alice built their first airplane from a kit in their garage.

Steve’s mother, who hates flying, bought Steve an aerobatic airplane ride for his birthday in 1987. Steve was hooked. Six years later he finally bought his first aerobatic airplane. He entered his first competition just one month after he bought the airplane, and took 3rd place overall and best first time Sportsman awards. In 1998 Steve ranked ninth in the nation in the Intermediate aerobatic category. Steve transitioned to a Pitts S2-B in May of 1999, and in 2003, Steve finished 5th in the nation at the Advanced level of competition. Additionally, in 2006 Steve competed at 7th Annual Advanced World Aerobatic Championship, AWAC, where he finished 24th overall in his first world contest.

Steve got his new MX2 in March 2008, and won trophies in all but two of the contests in 2008. He won the Mid America Regional Championship trophy in 2008 in the MX2, and also flew in the Advanced World Aerobatic Championship, AWAC, in Pendeleton, OR, and finished 8th overall out of 36 pilots, all in the brand new MX2.

Steve has a degree in Safety from the University of Southern California and when not flying is employed as a Safety Consultant for a workers’ compensation insurance company. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his aviation loving wife, Alice, and their sons, Matthew and Brian. Steve teaches basic and advanced aerobatics in the 2 seat MX2 here in Nashville.