Do you think you might like to fly? Soar above the earth and get a new perspective?

Earning your private pilot license (PPL) will let you do that and more.  It can also be the beginning of a great career as a professional pilot.   With a private pilot license from a pilot school in Nashville, you will be able to rent a plane and fly locally or even cross country.  You can take your family and friends on flights and show them what it looks like a few thousand feet above the ground.

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Six (6) reasons to become a licensed pilot

Believe it or not, there is an extremely small percentage of people who have a pilot’s license.  It is estimated 0.1% of the U.S. population, one-tenth of one percent, have a license to fly a plane.  This is an elite club that you can join with the right training from Harmony Air.

1.  Take the first step – Discovery Flight

discovery flight

If you have never been in a plane and have no experience, we have the perfect solution; our Discovery Flight.

See what it is like to fly a plane with you at the controls (with some assistance and guidance from a safe, competent, certified instructor, of course!).  No experience necessary.  Give Harmony Air a call (615-350-8550), make an appointment, and we will get you off the ground.

Once you try it and like it, we are ready to get your training started.

2.  Huge Demand for a Licensed Pilot

The pandemic has caused a severe shortage of everything, and U.S. Pilots are no exception.  The U.S. airlines are in need of safe, competent pilots, and you could be that pilot.

Air travel demand has increased, and airlines are having a difficult time finding enough pilots to fly their planes.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment growth of 12.9% of pilots is expected between 2020 and 2030. Getting your private pilot license now will open up opportunities for you to fly, have fun and earn money as you increase your skills and certifications.  You could fly for the airlines, law enforcement, private corporations, and the military.

3.  Fly On Your Schedule

Once you have your private pilot license (PPL), you can fly on your schedule (weather permitting), rent a plane, and practice flying.  At almost any time, you can do what less than 0.1% of people in the U.S. (and not that much more in the world) can do.  Fly!

4.  Family, Friends – optional

Not only can you rent a plane and fly on your schedule, but you can take your friends and/or family along for the ride.

Show them what it is like 3000 feet in the air (or higher).  Who knows, maybe they will get their private pilot license (PPL) too.

5.  Visit remote locations

remote location

Some places take too long in a car.  Traffic, construction, delays, time…why wait?  Why waste your time when you can get there in roughly half the driving time, with very little traffic and no in-sky road construction?

Depending on the plane and your license (there are various types of private pilot licenses), you can even fly to remote locations that normally you would not be able to get to due to the location.

Oh, and don’t forget free pancake breakfasts!  A lot of small, local airports have a “Fly-In” that you can now join as a private pilot with your private pilot license (PPL).  Hop in your plane or a rental, check the flying conditions, and take a short trip to a free breakfast.

6.  Business Travel

At this budding stage of your development, you cannot fly for money; but you can fly a plane for your business or business needs, like visiting a client that is too far away if you were to drive a car.

Planes are a great way to enhance your business and increase your revenue.

These are just 6 reasons for you to join Harmony Air now, like many before you who have achieved their private pilot license.  Harmony Air has the experience, expertise and dedication to make your dreams a reality.

Don’t let time pass you by…  Do something fun, educational, and potentially profitable.

Harmony Air offers safe, cost-effective, certified flight training in Nashville.

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One simple call will get you started.  Why wait?  Call today.