Harmony Air

Aircraft Management

Harmony Air offers full service aircraft management for those owners that lack the time or desire of handling the day-to-day responsibilities associated with owning and maintaining an aircraft. With our full suite of services in place, all you have to do is show up and take off, everything else is handled on your behalf. Harmony will arrange for and coordinate all service, maintenance and updates, to ensure that all required records are kept current and your investment is protected. All electronic databases will be updated on a regular schedule and your aircraft will be cleaned on a routine basis. Additionally, we offer web-based scheduling, so you can notify us of your next trip conveniently.

For those that are interested in having your aircraft considered, as an addition to our training, rental or charter fleet, Harmony offers an attractive business partnership to compensate you for the use of your plane and help offset the cost of ownership. As a beneficiary of this, you would qualify for reduced rates on our management fees, access to our fleet of aircraft and insurance coverage under Harmony’s fleet policy. Harmony offers a robust reporting system to the owners, ensuring accurate data on your aircrafts activity levels and financial records, ensuring a high level of transparency and trust. Please contact us for further information on this opportunity.

  • Online scheduling
  • Maintenance tracking and scheduling
  • Database updates
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Financial reporting

We also offer leasebacks for our Harmony Air Pilot Training and Air Charter Program.