Harmony Air


Harmony Air began its journey in 2006 with three instructors and a fleet of three planes. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services to include charter flights and aircraft management. Today, Harmony Air boasts an impressive team of 20 instructors, 6 charter pilots, and a managed fleet of 26 aircraft. Their combined staff has accumulated an impressive 70,000 flight hours.

Notably, Harmony Air has achieved the prestigious status of being one of only 26 Platinum Cirrus Training Centers worldwide. Their commitment to safety, proficiency, and exceptional customer service sets them apart. The founder, Randy Harmon, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the USAF, brings decades of aviation experience to the table. His passion for flying and sharing that passion with others has been a driving force behind Harmony Air’s success. Alongside Randy, Chief Flight Instructor Nick Retterer contributes his love for aviation, instilled by a family legacy of Marine aviators. Together, they continue to provide premier aviation services to Nashville and beyond.

In 2023, Randy Harmony sold the business to longstanding customers and friends who have continued to expand the business. Nick Retterer was awarded the role as the Director of Operations managing the day to day operations and still serves as the Chief Flight Instructor. Our team continues to grow daily and our customers flew 9,000 hours with 60+ checkride passes in the year of 2023. We would be thrilled if you joined us!