Nashville’s Choice For Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Flying is a wonderful privilege. It allows you to develop a level of skill, confidence and self-reliance that is not found in other pursuits. When you become a pilot your world truly becomes a smaller place. Our flight programs will provide you with the necessary certificates and ratings to become a professional pilot.


Steps to Obtaining a Private Pilot’s Certificate

  1. Discovery Flight
  2. Student Pilot Certificate
    (IACRA & 3rd Class Medical)
  3. Flight Lessons – Phase 1
  4. Ground Instruction & Home Study
  5. Solo Flight
  6. FAA Written Test
  7. Flight Lessons – Phase 2
  8. Flight Lessons – Phase 3
  9. FAA Check Ride
  10. Private Pilot Certificate!

Flight Lessons Phase 1

  • Preflight & Taxi
  • Basic Aircraft Control
  • Takeoffs & Landings
  • Slow Flight
  • Aerodynamic Stalls
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Ground Reference Maneuvers

Flight Lessons Phase 2

  • Cross Country Navigation
  • Night Flying
  • Solo Flights

Flight Lessons Phase 3

  • Solo Cross Country Flights
  • FAA Checkride Preparation Flights