Flight Training Device

Fly This Sim

With the most comprehensive set of custom engineered flight decks, avionics, auto-pilots, electrical systems and WAAS GPS software, FlyThisSim leads the world in being able to accurately simulate multiple aircraft on one simulator and reconfigure from one to the other in seconds. Tuned aerodynamic characteristics, specific aircraft features like the Cirrus CAPS system, and accurate electrical power modelling allows you to run actual checklists from your own aircraft and to train like you fly.

The TouchTrainer (FM):

Providing a configuration close to the operator’s aircraft results in:

  • The simulator pilot does not have to learn a new aircraft (the simulator)
  • The simulator and training courses are relevant
  • Training transfer to the aircraft is high.


  • Audio. Bose system provides additional landing, takeoff and in-flight cues.
  • Dual Controls. Instructors can demonstrate techniques and correct student errors.
  • Dual headset with sidetone increases student scenario immersion
  • Integration with popular EFB such as ForeFlight
  • Live ATC services though Pilot Edge
  • Multiple cockpits provide ergonomically correct flying environments
  • Side by side seating for instruction and student familiarity.
  • Reconfigurable Controls. Single, twin, yoke, side-stick, vernier or lever throttles, removable center console.
  • Replace fixed wing and rotary wing cockpits with our ‘Roll Out/ Roll In” system
  • Visual Motion. Simply the best content and display system providing realistic take-off, landing and in-flight cues to teach stick and rudder skills
  • Convenience Features
  • Connection to Electronic Flight Bags
    • Demonstrate, monitor and evaluate handling skills
      • Primary and secondary effects of flying controls
      • Trim
      • Shallow and steep turns
      • Climbing and descending turns
      • Torque and P factor effects
      • Take-off, pattern, approach and landing

Integrate skills and procedure training from the first simulator lesson.

  • Practice normal aircraft and emergency procedures, instrument procedures, instrument currency and mission rehearsal. Maintain and Log Time. Log IFR Currency without an Instructor.
  • Rehearse WAAS GPS LPV, LNAV+V, LNAV and Ground Based Approaches at any US airport.
  • Simulate Beech, Cessna, Commander, Corvalis, Cirrus, Diamond, Piper aircraft with Analog, Aspen, Avidyne, G500, G1000 and Perspective avionics: Switch rapidly between them in just a few seconds.