Should you Choose Private Charter over Commercial Airlines?

Private Charter flights are not just for the rich. Charter flights can help you save money and time. Time is the one commodity you cannot keep for later. Time continues to move forward while you stand in line waiting for security, sit in a waiting room for sometimes hours waiting for your plane to arrive and then find out your flight was delayed or worse, cancelled.

While weather delays can affect all flights from commercial to charter, rescheduling a charter flight is much easier than rescheduling a commercial flight.

Take a look at the differences below and you might find charter is a better alternative for you.

Benefits of Flying Private Charter


A commercial flight requires a lot of lines. Standing at the counter to check-in your baggage, standing at security waiting to be scanned, sitting in a waiting room waiting for the plane, sitting on the plane waiting to take off.

That doesn’t even include other unexpected delays, cancellations or problems. Plus the need to be at the airport at a minimum recommended time of two (2) hours before your flight is even scheduled.

It could take you a whole day just to get to your destination.

Your Nashville Charter company, Harmony Air, can help you greatly reduce all the standing and sitting, waiting around for time to pass. Security is of course necessary for a safe flight, but when you can step into a smaller airport, be greeted by the captain and be escorted directly to the plane. Your hassles have been dramatically reduced.


So, you made it through the hassles of your first flight; but not all flights are direct flights to your final destination. Some flights require stopping, leaving the plane, waiting for another plane, boarding the plane and waiting for your turn to depart again. In the worst case, you actually have to spend the night.

With a pre-scheduled charter flight, depending on your destination, you might have to stop for gas, but in a lot of cases Harmony Air will fly you directly to where you need to go and sometimes get you closer to your final destination than a commercial flight could ever do.


You can either be at the mercy of your bus in the sky, following their preset schedules, or you can arrive in the limo that you tell when you want to leave.

A private charter flight runs on your schedule (barring weather problems, of course) so if you want to leave at 2:00 a.m., we can probably make that happen. Or, if mid-flight you decide a quick stop for a bite to eat is something you might enjoy, we can probably make that happen as well.

Private Charter from Harmony Air is here to make your flight as enjoyable and hassle free as possible.


Nashville aircraft charter planes follow very similar rules to commercial flights when it comes to safety.

Planes are constantly maintained and thoroughly checked to ensure everything is in working order. Our pilots have similar experiences to commercial pilots and some commercial pilots have moved from commercial flying to private charter flying to save them the hassle and rough schedules they had to endure as a commercial pilot.

As a private air charter passenger you also get the added convenience of less people on the flight. Unless you are sharing the flight with others you know, you or your family could be the only passengers on the flight. No screaming babies or kids kicking the back of your seat on this flight.


With a private charter flight you can actually hold confidential business meetings in the air as you travel to your destination allowing you to get some of your work done prior to landing.

You can also keep your travel schedule private. In most cases a passenger manifest, the log that says who, in particular, flied from point A to B can be kept private. Check with Harmony Air to find out if keeping a record of your name on the flight is required.

Harmony Air is one of a few trusted Tennessee charter companiesGive us a call to find out more or to schedule your next trip. 615-350-8550